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A customer of ours who has collected Michael Schumacher Memorabilia for many years wanted a bespoke made glass cabinet which was going to be flown to Saudi Arabia for an exhibition to display a crash helmet, champagne, a book, a hat and replica cars. The cabinet was then going to be in his home in the UK. The customer specifically requested the glass to glass edge UV Bonding which is a speciality we are provide our customers with.

He didn’t want the cabinet to be lit but wanted something a little different, so we wrapped the top of the plinth in a carbon fibre vinyl which keeps in the theme of racing. We designed a logo for the front of the cabinet as the customer wanted his cabinet to stand out from the others.

On this blog post are some pictures for you to view of the cabinet and the memorabilia. If you would like something similar for your collectors items then please do get in touch.

This is the thank you email from the client after delivery:

Well what can I say? Plinth was delivered by a lovely guy.

Wow wow wow I am lost for words this is beyond what I was expecting I am actually very choked and emotional. I've been collecting memorabilia for many many years and some of the best items are now where they belong in a stunning display!

I can't thank you enough!! The picture attached are taken on my mobile so when I have done it properly and included a few finishing touches inside I will send more professional ones for you but this gives you an idea.

Many thanks and I am so so grateful for your amazing work from start to finish. Your company is brilliant all the way along

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