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Contour cut, means that the letters, numbers or design are cut out from one piece of the same colour vinyl. The excess is then taken away leaving your design behind, ready to be backed and applied to the plinth.

The stages, shown in the video below are:

  • Program the vinyl cutter to cut the graphics from the vinyl inserted.
  • Remove the excess vinyl from around the text.
  • Add a masking tape to the front of the vinyl so that it can be applied.
  • Measure up the cabinet to see where the customer specified their graphics needed to be placed.
  • Apply the masking tape, apply pressure to the backing to make the graphics stick and then remove the masking tape leaving the graphics behind.

To remove the graphics:

  • Apply heat using a hairdryer or a heat gun but not too close to the paint.
  • The vinyl will become soft and then it can carefully be removed.
  • This will only work with removable vinyl not permanent as an adhesive will be left behind that ruins the spray finish.

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